The Storm That Never Was.




Night pow photo


Slash in the Dark. photo


Crescent moon and a crystal reflection


Fraser McDougall winning the slash off.


What happens when 3 carloads of reprobates descend on Mt Olympus for a weekend?  Nothing serious thats for damn sure. With a large storm promising roughly half a metre the call was made and a large contingent of the All Us in Winterland film crew and friends rolled up the beautiful valley system with high hopes. Unfortunately as oft happens in NZ mother nature keeps no promises but man did we have a ball regardless. Hunting out the little pockets of fresh, hidden inbetween sheets of boiler ice, we rolled around the field in a crew with a revolving door cast, too many to name all but some being the local classic characters Tom Brownlee and the McDermid brothers, FWT skier Charlie Lyons, part time Lawyer and full time fun chaser Blake Lepper and a host of other legends. There was nighttime slash turn sessions, lengthy discussions on all things skiing and other wise, huge plates of hearty winter feasts, halftime beersies, the most hilariously shit attempts at ski photos by Blake and myself, shouty games of gin, high wind drone flying and even a Madamme Lyons wild cross dressing appearance. At Mt Olympus the emphasis is on having


While we didn’t quite get the snow we hoped for the whole olympus scene was immensely mirthful. Those lads up in Cantebury sure know about skiing roots style and I’ll be back in two weeks time to try cram as many more good times in.