Got Funds?

Liz Daley was one amazing person, beloved by all she met and even some she never did, and her passing last year is still so hard to comprehend. Without delving into too many cliches she crammed as much  life as she could into the days she had, and all in such a gracious and inspiring manner. The good people of Tacoma, USA are looking to continue her legacy and are raising funds in her name to build an outdoor climbing wall in Tacoma and to create a facility to encourage more people into discovering climbing and the outdoors. As someone who is new to climbing but incredibly passionate about it I think this is great and that we all should get involved! So check out the link, see what you think for yourself and if you do decide to bid on any of the great prizes hey thats great!! Have a good day regardless world, Im off to go climb a rock myself. Why? I have no idea other than because its fun!